ArtHaus Improvisor's Orchestra

2nd Sundays Thru June, 2024

About The Event

About The Event

Led by Decorah, Iowa based drummer and improvisor, Nick Zielinski, known for his work with various musical collectives, this event offers a captivating exploration of music and creativity that's open to all. At each event, Zielinski will collaborate with a different guest artist, promising a diverse and spontaneous musical experience. The series will feature genre-bending improvised music, followed by workshops where audience members can actively participate in creating spontaneous music. All ages, instruments, and musical styles are welcome, and percussion instruments will be available for those without their own.


ArtHuas, Decorah Iowa


The 2nd Sunday of Every Month Thru June of 2024

Guest Artists

Here are our Guest Improvisors

Guest Artist October

Anders Svanoe - Saxophone

October 8, 2023

Guest Artist November 12

Brad Townsend - Bass

November 12, 2023

Guest Artist December

Mark Siegenthaler - Piano

December 10, 2023

Guest Artist January

Geoff West Senn - Trumpet

January 14, 2024

Guest Artist February


February 11, 2024

Guest Artist March

Sean Roderick - Piano

March 10, 2024

Guest Artist April

Jon Ailbouni - Trumpet

April 10, 2024

Guest Artist May

Adam Patterson - Drums

May 12, 2024

Guest Artist June

Ryan Young - Strings

June 9, 2024

Event Venue

ArtHaus - Decorah, Iowa

A community space which fosters creativity for all.